Our team is made up of experienced executives whom have worked in the world of sports and entertainment over the last 30 years.  They bring a unique and innovative perspective on how to best provide this network solution to the teams, leagues and properties we have all grown to love.  

Our Certification Process

We're looking for those in sports that are looking to prove that they deserve a chance to get back in the game -- or to get in the game for the first time.  


When you fill out the Application and submit it along with your Application Video, our Executive Committee will review your application package and get back to you in a timely way.   If accepted, you'll be asked to sharpen up your sales skills by completing an exclusive fast-track training program using the ISBI 360 PRO platform, our flagship product for the sports and entertainment industry.  It includes: 


“Micro-Learning” video lessons (6 to 10 minutes each) with short assessment quizzes

Video role play exercises that participants film of themselves 

Live Coaching by an industry expert in a weekly interactive small group mentoring session

Plus additional "role-playing" and crowdsourced techniques designed by our expert faculty