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The Outbound, Internal VIRTUAL Sales Department

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Get in on what’s happening NOW

and secure YOUR spot for the future!

If you’re a former sports sales executive that’s been a casualty of the pandemic, we know how challenging it’s been for you.  We know that you want back in the game, and that you have selling 

skills that you want to exercise and improve upon during this “in-between” time.  


Our unique program allows YOU the opportunity to sell for one of our professional teams, earn commission, and get noticed by one or more of our partner clubs for full-time employment.  

You’ll receive world-class training from some of the most well-known and respected trainers in the industry to keep your skills sharp, including Brett Zalaski and Bill Guertin.  You’ll be invited to one-of-a-kind experiences, including special guest presenters from the front offices of teams in every major 

sports league.  And you’ll be doing it together with a group of highly motivated, supportive people 

just like you who want to earn their way back into the sports industry.

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The Dynamics of Right Now

With the unprecedented dynamics of our times, many teams are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place: they now have (or will soon have) inventory to sell, but not enough full-time staff to sell them.  At the same time, teams have come to accept the new work-from-home model, having experienced it successfully themselves.


The ISBI Virtual Sales Network was created to help teams to fill that massive gap in their business model AND to allow people like you a chance to stay in the industry, sharpen their skills, and become a productive member of the sports community with the support of a networked group of peers all across the country.  

Get Back In the Game… Apply Today!

The application process only takes a few minutes, but once you complete the application and become approved, you’ll meet your trainers for a 4-week program of LIVE and Virtual training using the ISBI 360 platform.  If you’re currently working, we can make arrangements to accommodate you and your schedule so that you can attend as many of the live sessions as possible, and each program is recorded and archived for you to view afterward if necessary.

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“Wait… how much does this all cost?”  

Our program is currently FREE to participate, but you must complete the application and be accepted by our Directors in order to be a part of the VSN community.  We anticipate charging an Enrollment Fee after January 1st, but fortunately for you, you’re reading this at just the right time as we’re ramping up.    

New to The Industry?  You Can Apply As Well

If you’ve never worked for a team but have the desire and the work ethic to dive into the sports industry as a ticket sales executive, this time in history may have afforded you an opportunity that has never existed before.  Apply today and let us know why you want to become an industry executive in sports.  We’re listening.  

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